Colchester's Community Acupuncture Clinic

Full traditional, low cost acupuncture for £15 - £40, as well as free Ear Acupuncture

Colchester Community Acupuncture has been set up to provide high-quality, low cost acupuncture to all members of the community.

We provide affordable Traditional Acupuncture in a multibed setting. This enables us to treat more than one person at a time, making use of the period while the needles do their work to treat others alongside. You decide how much to pay on a sliding scale from £15- £40 per session, depending on how much you feel you can afford for your treatment.

Look at our Fees page to find out more about how it works & why we feel this system is fairer for all of us.

Location: Colchester Buddhist Centre, 2 Portland Road, Colchester, CO2 7EH

Opening Times: Monday (2pm - 6pm) and Thursday (10am - 2pm)

Call 07590 480048 (Rupesh) or 07814 785987 (Rob) to make an appointment. We may have availability if you drop in but you may need to be prepared to wait.

Free Ear Acupuncture is available on a drop in basis

Our style of acupuncture offers often instantaneous, clear and significant relief from a variety of painful conditions as well as powerful and effective treatment for internal complaints and stress. We do everything we can to make sure that you get the care you need, for as long as you want. Drop in to the clinic or give us a call to find out how we operate & what we can do to help with your health.

We feel that this medicine that can be so effective for a range of conditions should be available to as many people as possible, without being limited by income, class, race or mobility.  Treating people in a community setting has additional benefits, such as mutual support from being treated alongside a friend or family member.